The new work of Rodolfo Dordoni


Within the walls of the home, beauty is often synonymous with simplicity and hospitality, rather than complexity: the new Beauté wardrobe by Molteni, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for the 2023 collection, focuses precisely on these principles, creating an intimate space for contain your personal objects with a formal cleanliness which however is able to make the environment more elegant and sophisticated.

Beauté wardrobe by Molteni makes versatility one of its distinctive features: in addition to adapting to different furniture styles, this proposal can be combined with the other elements of the Gliss Master collection to offer customers the possibility of combining the different solutions of the brand in order to make the most of the available environment.

The use of high quality materials, combined with a top level of interior customization, make Beauté the ideal wardrobe for those looking for a refined solution capable of transforming according to their needs.


The new work of Rodolfo Dordoni

Beauté is a Molteni collection created by designer Rodolfo Dordoni which includes various elements, from the sofa to the table or chairs, to a wardrobe which aims to furnish the bedroom in a functional and elegant way.

As explained by Dordoni himself, the concept of the collection is more than the single object that today defines "an atmosphere, a style, an environment in which to feel relaxed": it is precisely this idea that transversally affects all the pieces belonging to the Beauté line, a French term which means "beauty" and which clearly indicates the desire to bring refinement within the domestic environment, while focusing on the needs of customers.

The Beauté wardrobe by Molteni is in fact available in various sizes and carries various finishes, to match any furnishing style and to use the available spaces wisely. The fixed points instead concern using the precious materials, a distinctive feature of Molteni, the sliding doors that allow practical opening and the integrated LED lighting, for a mix of style, functionality and technology that creates a new intimate space in which to place the objects.


Concept and design of Beauté

Beauté by Molteni is characterized by a great formal cleanliness that conquers from the first glance: simple and essential lines define the profile of the wardrobe which contains a backlit folding mirror which, once opened, shows different levels of shelves that integrate the led illumination.

Each element of the wardrobe then stands out thanks to refined details and the various customization possibilities offered by Molteni: solid wood or laminate Fenit NTM are the materials in which the Beauté structure can be made, completed with sliding doors in wood or glass and with any accessories for the interior, from shelves to drawers, including shoe or shirt racks.

By visiting the SAG'80 flagship store in Corso Europa 2, Milan you will be able to discover all the available  options thanks to the guidance of expert consultants, who will help you understand how to make the most of the versatility of the Beauté wardrobe.


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