16 MARCH 2023


In Vitra's philosophy, every object and every collection produced is an opportunity to leave a mark. This is the approach that the company follows for the creation of sofas, chairs and of course also for its lounge armchairs, which not only bring comfort and relaxation but want to dialogue with the surrounding environment and embellish it with their presence.

Aware of the countless possible results of personal taste, Vitra has created dozens of armchairs and lounge chairs that are different from each other, in order to find an answer to every preference. It ranges from seats with a classic design to for example a more contemporary style, each with its own unique characteristics, from the materials used to the presence or absence of padding.

Each product, for Vitra, is conceived to be an original object in the most authentic sense of the term, the result of a process that leaves full freedom to the creativity of the designers with whom the German company collaborates to create iconic collections, impossible not to notice when you enter the room where they are placed.



Unique and iconic items, capable of withstanding time and establishing themselves beyond passing fashions, objects designed to interact with the surrounding furnishings but at the same time capable of attracting attention from the first glance only with their presence.

This is the concept behind every Vitra creation, which is the sum of all the professionals involved in the process that leads to the final product. As in sofas and other furnishings, in every Vitra lounge chair there is a combination of the company's technical know-how, refined over the years and constantly improved thanks to new technologies, and the creative process by the prestigious collaborators of the company, who are expressly asked to bring their own vision and personal imprint into the product, which are essential for giving life to a unique object each time.

Sustainability is another cornerstone for Vitra, as well as a key principle of every production process: functionality, quality and design are in fact considered necessary aspects to guarantee the durability of a product, and consequently the least possible amount of waste.



Vitra is aware that armchairs can have numerous uses and be purchased for different contexts, and for this very reason it wanted to make variety one of the main points of its offer.

First of all, the desired characteristics will have to be evaluated, linked to the type of use of the seat: an armchair designed above all to welcome guests can boast an attractive design as a business card, while a lounge chair to be used daily for activities such as rest or reading will necessarily put comfort first.

Based on these and other considerations, it will be possible to decide whether to opt for models with more or less marked padding, or whether to prefer a reclining or swivel armchair. Even the selection of the upholstery, a choice between fabric and leather, can prove to be fundamental both for an aesthetic question and for personal preferences.

To orient yourself within such a wide range of choices, all you have to do is visit our showroom in Corso Europa 2, Milan, to see which solutions, within the Vitra offer, can match perfectly with your domestic environment.



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