13 APRIL 2023


The Honey bed by Molteni, conceived by the Israeli designer Arik Levy, is the perfect demonstration of how simplicity and elegance are two perfectly adaptable concepts.

The clean shapes, as well as the linear and modern design that characterizes this collection, are in fact combined with refined sartorial details and avant-garde mechanisms that make Honey a presence of personality, able to give tone and character to the environment.

This bed contains all the artistic sensibility of Arik Levy, a designer who has put his signature on other important furnishings in the Molteni&C universe and who is able to reveal all his great multidisciplinary experience in his works, which ranges from photography to the creation of installations, passing through the artistic video production.



Born in Tel Aviv in 1963, Arik Levy first launched on an international educational and then working path, which him completed his studies in industrial design in Switzerland, at the Art Center College of Design in La Tour de Peilz, and then become a lecturer at the École Nationale Supérieur de Création Industrielle / Les Ateliers, in Paris.

His professional figure is extremely multifaceted, as demonstrated by the design workshops held in various European design schools and the sets for modern art performances created for prestigious centers, from the Grand Theater in Geneva to the BatSheva Dance Center in Israel, passing through the Netherlands Dance Theater.

However, Arik Levy has also left a fundamental mark on the world of design, thanks to the collaboration started with Molteni&C which has allowed the designer to express his creativity by overseeing the development of various furnishings, from the iconic Outline chair, enriched with a complex soul but capable of combining with many different types of tables, the Tea Time and Hug sofas, or even the Quake coffee tables.

In 1997 he also founded L Design, which he now manages in Paris together with Pippo Lionni and a team of 20 designers, taking care of interior design projects, exhibitions, packaging and brand identity.



The Honey bed by Molteni is in some ways the result of the many experiences gained by Arik Levy during his career, which allowed him to combine attention to design with an artistic sensibility that understands the importance of details, capable of positively influencing the overall vision of a piece of furniture.

Honey is in fact a bed with a simple and modern design, but the upholstery available in fabric or leather, characterized by refined sartorial details, creates a divine contrast right from the first glance that gives the collection a more decisive character, perfect for decorating your own area night in a way that is as discreet as it is elegant.

With Honey, Levy has not neglected the importance of technology either, which has always been an aspect of primary importance for Molteni. In the version that includes the presence of a container under the bed, an innovative tilting mechanism allows two types of openings: a front one, to allow convenient access to the compartment and manage the stored objects, or alternatively a horizontal lift designed to be able to redo the bed with maximum comfort.

Finally, Honey by Molteni boasts small dimensions that make it easy to place in any type of environment, even the most intimate ones. Book a consulting in our showroom in Corso Europa 2, Milan.



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