12 OCTOBER 2023


Dada's entry into the Molteni group in 1969 effectively marked a turning point for both brands.

At that moment, what had been founded and grown over the years as a small artisan business, appreciated for the quality of the materials and manufacturing techniques of its kitchens, was able to enhance the innovative approach of a rapidly expanding company like Molteni&C, always careful to research the most cutting-edge technologies in the sector.

It was this union that made it possible over time to develop solutions such as the Operational Column 2.0, capable of combining elegance and functionality to make the action of cooking increasingly free and flexible, without ever losing the taste for design.

Today the Operational Column 2.0, created by the Molteni&C Research and Development department, represents a convenient and mixed solution as it can be integrated into all the brand's collections.


Upgrade by Molteni & Dada

The Operational Column 2.0 represents the further evolution of an iconic structure already present in Dada's offer and extremely appreciated for its ability to manage spaces in a functional way, a key quality in a place like the kitchen, where organization is fundamental.

Compared to the past, this new version improves the opening and closing system more thanks to a new mechanism that eliminates the need for a lower track, making the column more practical and easy to use.

The base is then also eliminated and the lighting system becomes completely customizable.

For the Operational Column 2.0, Dada and Molteni have also thought of a special version with a refined design, equipped with a curved backrest that catches the eye thanks to a scenographic effect, with the further possibility of adding the Wing shelves.


Operational Column 2.0: engineering design 

The design of the Molteni Operating Column 2.0 is specifically designed to offer extreme practicality during use thanks to a shock-absorbing system that simplifies opening and closing, guaranteeing maximum ergonomics of the gesture.

The improvements compared to the previous version are the result of the work of the team of designers and engineers of Molteni's R&D department, aimed at obtaining a product that is as beautiful as it is functional.

The column is in fact made up of standard modules, which can be combined if necessary to a tailor-made solution, particularly suitable for those with specific space requirements.

Furthermore, the possibility of choosing from a wide range of finishes and colors means that the Operational Column 2.0 is adaptable to any type of style and decor.

It is the result of the union between the artisanal touch that has always characterized Dada and the technological research of Molteni, a versatile product that the brand allows to be included crossingly in all collections. Visiting the flagship store in Corso Europa 2 in Milan is the perfect way to understand how to configure the column in the right way based on your needs.


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