20 JULY 2023


Since 1969, Unifor has made the development of solutions for contemporary working spaces its mission, with a philosophy that sees the concept of productivity as necessarily linked to that of the well-being of the workers who use these environments on a daily basis.

The technologies that have emerged in recent years have also radically transformed the furniture sector, adding previously unthinkable solutions: among these, of course, there is also Artificial Intelligence, a precious partner that allows you to shape more pleasant, efficient and adapted work environments to the specific needs of each individual or department.

From the most suitable and functional design to a personalization of the office, AI offers new possibilities to make offices more welcoming and in line with the flexibility increasingly required by staff.


The integration of Artificial Intelligence in Unifor office furniture

Among the most recent UniFor projects in which Artificial Intelligence has been applied is undoubtedly the Bokhus bookcase, designed in collaboration with Snøhetta and aimed at showing some of the aspects that will characterize the bookcases of the future.

Between shelves and structures in wood and metal, the Bokhus shelving system integrates various technological systems, from integrated lighting to monitors which, in the UniFor installation that presented the project, carried features generated by Artificial Intelligence, to show the potential of a space dedicated to culture that in the next few years will be able to interact with users in an ever more precise and personalized way.


Optimize efficiency and productivity in offices thanks to Unifor

Artificial Intelligence can make a decisive contribution to creating more efficient offices capable of stimulating greater work productivity, for example by suggesting furnishing configurations based on data relating to employee preferences and habits.

More welcome warmth, preferred types of lighting or specific layouts of the spaces are just some of the aspects that AI is able to take into consideration and then provide suggestions on how to create a comfortable space that favors both workflows and the interaction between employees.

This approach is part of a philosophy that is now indispensable for those seeking to develop contemporary working environments, which cannot do without offering people a higher quality experience, then also translates into benefits for the company itself.


Create intelligent workplaces with Unifor

Unifor never stops looking at the offices of the future, trying to anticipate the changes that inevitably occur over the years, as a result of the changing needs of workers.

This approach realizes the attention dedicated by the Molteni Group company to smart working and to solutions capable of promoting it, such as for example Touch Down Unit, a micro-working space designed by Studio Klass that meets the flexibility required by the contemporary worker.

Touch Down Unit is in fact a transportable system with a sophisticated and functional design: the possibility of combining comfortable armchairs also allows you to replicate the comfort you seek in any working environment.

To discover all the UniFor solutions that allow you to create smart offices and with integrated Artificial Intelligence, you can visit the showroom in Corso Europa 2 in Milan where you can find the most cutting-edge proposals and be guided towards the one that best suits your needs. needs.


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