24 AUGUST 2023


Designing a contemporary office means having to necessarily take into consideration the changes that have affected the working environment in recent years, an evolution that Citterio wanted to catch with the Bridge modular system, a solution designed to guarantee that flexibility which is now essential both for companies as well as for workers.

The modern office must, in fact, be able to respond to the increasingly changing needs of a work group: with digitalisation and the introduction of smart working, time and space limits have become less rigid, giving rise to consequence to places where present people, the performed tasks and the required functions may change on the agenda.

To respond to these new needs, Citterio has developed Bridge, a furniture system composed of independent benches and tables that can be combined to shape spaces used to carry out the main functions of a working environment, such as operational, reception or gathering functions.


Versatility and design with Bridge by Citterio

Meeting the various needs, both work-related and relational, of the people who use an office is certainly among the main objectives of Citterio's Bridge system.

The modular elements of this collection make versatility the key feature, lending to different functions depending on the heights: the 67 cm high benches are used to support worktops, suspended drawers or screens; the 75 cm meeting tables, or desks, offer the ideal solution for creating work stations, while the height of 107 cm is reserved for benches that will act as a reception desk or meeting console.

By combining these furnishings with maximum compositional freedom, it is possible to create step by step a working environment fully adjusted to the needs of those who live in it on a daily basis, balancing operational needs with those linked to moments of aggregation and conviviality.


Create unique environments with Citterio's modular Bridge system

The degree of flexibility offered by Bridge by Citterio does not pose any limits, and indeed invites you to experiment with original solutions to give shape to unique environments, both in design and functional aspect.

For example, in addition to carrying out a load-bearing function, the benches also allow the insertion of compartments for the passage of cables in their structural beam, while the desks, available both single and double, can be elevated if necessary and are suitable for use both separate and combined with the benches.

In this way, it will be possible to create fully personalized spaces, in which benches and tables can be combined with acoustic panels, for example to obtain quieter and more peaceful areas, or even with drawers and containers with doors, to fully respond to a specific work increasingly lively and free.

To understand how to make the most of the solutions made available by Citterio's Bridge system, all that remains is to visit the SAG'80 showroom in Milan, in Corso Europa 2, Milan where the staff will be able to help you combine the modular elements in the best possible way to set up the your ideal office.


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