17 NOVEMBER 2022


What if, rather than offering a simple seat, the sofa was a real room within a room? This particular concept has been explored by Vitra since 2006 through Alcove, a collection of seating developed in collaboration with designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

Despite the models developed and renewed over the years, the original purpose has remained that of offering a protected and cozy space, suitable for moments of leisure in the office but also capable of transforming into a small personal corner in which to work or dedicate oneself to their activities with full concentration.

The Alcove Highback Sofa model is the most evident example of this philosophy, with the seats "enclosed" between the three side and rear panels about one and a half meters high and padded to obtain soundproofing that invites you to carve out private and quiet moments. All this, with an original design designed to shape a comfortable and functional environment, in perfect Vitra style.



The design concept proposed by Vitra is extremely varied and cannot be separated from a mutual exchange with the designers, architects and graphic artists with whom the company collaborates.

The synergy created with the collaborators, and in many cases very rewarding and long-lasting, allows the latter to actively participate in the creative process of the products, which then end up being characterized by a personal feature that helps to define their originality and make them unique .

These partnerships are firmly based on the company philosophy, according to which design is a means of shaping environments capable of making people feel comfortable and generating positive feelings, without however ever forgetting that dimension of practicality which is essential for an article to enter people's daily lives regularly.

This is why furnishing the office with Vitra sofas means using the power of design to create a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also stimulating and functional, as demonstrated for example by the soundproof panels in Alcove, a useful and appreciated feature in a modern work.



The Alcove sofa family by Vitra transcends the simple concept of seating and takes inspiration from a wider trend, which has seen personal work and social interaction come to share more and more spaces and moments.

Today it is possible to work from almost anywhere, an evolution that has consequently also made the office a more flexible and open space, in which it must be possible to isolate oneself to dedicate oneself to one's activities but also to carve out opportunities for conversation.

The Alcove collection tries to enclose all these facets by proposing comfortable, original and dynamic solutions that do not neglect any need and are divided into two groups: Alcove and Alcove Plus.

The models belonging to the first category show the frame, made up of a tubular steel structure, thanks also to panels spaced from the floor. These are solutions characterized by extreme flexibility and lightness, which allow you to choose the padding and the height of the panels, as well as to opt for models equipped with wheels, which can be moved easily.

The Alcove Plus group includes those models in which the frame is hidden by larger panels, to which mobile dividing screens can be hooked up with hinges, for example to create greater privacy or add temporary workstations.

Naturally, the Alcove and Alcove Plus models are part of a single ecosystem and therefore lend themselves to being combined with each other, thanks to a high degree of customization and adaptability that helps create an office capable of responding to ever-changing needs. By personally visiting our showroom in Corso Europa 2, Milan, it is possible to choose the best configurations based on their features.



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