16 FEBRUARY 2023


The career for quality that has accompanied Molteni since its birth has had to go hand in hand with technological developments and the latest design trends over the years. Among the products that best represent the union of these aspects is the Graduate suspended bookcase, which faithfully reflects the new needs that have changed the way of living and understanding the domestic environment.

Launched on the market in 2003, Graduate was designed by Jean Nouvel for Molteni to offer simplicity and flexibility at the same time. In fact, the concept of the bookcase gives the possibility to manage the positioning of the shelves in a creative way, according to one's needs, so as to easily find the perfect configuration.

The apparently minimalist design desired by Jean Nouvel is visually a great idea of lightness, precisely due to the "suspension" of the elements, but in fact it hides a high technical complexity, for example in the advanced system of rods which distributes uniformly the weight of the objects arranged on the bookcase.



Jean Nouvel's starting idea was to create a modular bookcase that could be hung on the wall or ceiling, which was primarily characterized by simplicity and lightness.

To do this, Nouvel relied on his long experience as an architect, which also allowed him to draw inspiration from the construction of bridges.

Hence the idea of conceiving an upper shelf that can be fixed to the wall or ceiling, with a greater thickness, which represents the load-bearing element of the whole bookcase: it is here, in fact, that the system of stainless steel rods that make up the rest is also contained. of the structure, with numbered notches to which the shelves can be fixed as needed.



If the innovative design of Graduate by Molteni earned Jean Nouvel awards such as the ADI Index 2004 and the Red Dot Design Award 2005, the bookcase is also extremely appreciated for the construction techniques and its technologically advanced elements.

It starts right from the greater thickness of the upper shelf, the real base of the structure, up to the heart of the shelves fixed on the tie rods which are made of plywood, with an external coating in natural or black anodized aluminum.

Finally, Graduate leaves you with extreme freedom to compose the most suitable bookcase for your environment, thanks to the possibility of choosing between shelves of different sizes and taking advantage of the different lengths of the rods, between 77 cm and 230 cm.

In any case, the advanced system designed by Nouvel ensures that the weight is distributed evenly, without creating imbalances for the bookcase: in this way, each shelf can support up to 25kg.

In our showroom in Corso Europa 2, Milan, you will be able to see for yourself the unique design by Molteni and imagine the best solution for your living area.



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