15 DECEMBER 2022


The universe built up by Molteni&C over the decades is so broad that it risks, in some cases, missing some pieces of the company's production.

If it is true that the brand born in 1934 has contributed to the testimonial of Made in Italy on the international scene thanks to exclusive collections of sofas, armchairs or tables, on the other hand Molteni has shown over the years a real craft also for creation of storage furniture, among which several sideboards that have become iconic thanks to their unique characteristics.

From Vincent Van Duysen's Living box to Adrien, designed by the Belgian architect himself, there are many examples of Molteni sideboards that have set the standard by remaining faithful to an approach which, in spite of serial production, always seeks to maintain artisanal quality, through the use of top quality materials and the constant search for the perfect balance between functionality and design.



The ability of Molteni and its collaborating designers to conceive open systems, capable of evolving and renewing themselves, has made it possible to develop solutions suitable for every environment and requirement, meeting the ever-increasing need for flexibility of customers.

An example of this is 505 Up Sideboard, evolution of the 505 system by Nicola Gallizia, but also Living Box, Adrien or Irving, each characterized by different features, but at the service of a common goal: to introduce technology in a intelligent and functional way inside of the domestic environment, hiding it behind a sophisticated design.



Designed for Molteni by Vincent Van Duysen, the Irving sideboard is not thought of as a simple containing piece of furniture, as demonstrated by the attention to the highest quality materials used in its construction, from the wooden top to the combinations that also give the possibility of combining the marble with walnut or eucalyptus wood.

In addition to the variety of finishes, Irving also offers various stylistic solutions, thanks to its versions that can include open external compartments, closed external compartments or, for lovers of asymmetry, only one open compartment with the opposite one closed.



Also born from the idea of Vincent Van Duysen, the Adrien sideboard by Molteni is an attempt to combine design and technology, making them mix harmoniously in a sideboard that is striking for both its visual and material aspects.

The use of Stopsol glass for the doors, which can be four or five depending on the chosen version, the opening of the latter through a new patented hinge and the LED lighting system integrated in the shelves help to define a new concept of container furniture.

Indeed, with its essential shapes and total transparency, Adrien gives the objects placed on the shelves the role of main protagonists, giving the living room a unique style.

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