14 OCTOBER 2022


Although rooted in tradition, the idea of a sofa consisting of a simple seat, static and linear, belongs to other times.

Today's home environments, increasingly mixed with each other and ready to change, to meet other needs: the Marteen sofa by Molteni, designed by Vincent Van Duysen, aims to intercept and satisfy them, going beyond the concept of modularity, a fundamental feature for modern products which in this collection is also accompanied by great dynamism.

In addition to the compositional freedom, given by the possibility of combining the different elements at will, the user can decide how to combine seats and containers, creating an alternation of solids and voids that defines the rhythm of the environment and creates a harmonious appearance thanks to the continuity of its volumes.



The growing importance of the concept of modularity has profoundly influenced the design of modern sofas.

With Marteen, designed for Molteni, Vincent Van Duysen breaks further with the rules of tradition and demonstrates how balance and harmony are far more important for a sofa today than continuity.

Marteen is in fact a multifunctional system that allows you to combine containers and seats at will, not only allowing you to arrange the various elements according to shapes imposed by your needs, but also to play with the alternation of volumes that helps to give your living area an elegance and a different form according to the chosen solution.

The seating possibilities of Marteen are various and leave great room for imagination: it is possible to opt for poufs, single seats, two-seater ones or even the island ones that offer a 360 ° view, allowing you to orient yourself towards each side of the room.



In Molteni's Marteen versatility and compositional freedom are deeply interlaced with functionality, understood not only as the ability to respond to specific space requirements, but also as a function, and therefore a role, played by the individual elements that are combined.

In addition to the seats, the main protagonists of this system are also the container elements, which when skilfully alternated create a fascinating balance between the soft volumes of the cushions and armrests, and the voids that act as both a support point and a storage compartment, compensating for their clearer and more essential lines with the elegance given by the upper part in eucalyptus or thermo oak essence.

Thanks to the presence of a blade foot, each element remains suspended from the ground, to accentuate that sense of lightness and freedom that invites you to always experiment with new arrangements.



The upholstery of the poufs, of the central and terminal models, or even of the seats and islands, can be freely customized by choosing from the countless available finishes, each of which can be applied in various shades.

It starts with options such as canvas and linen, up to leather, passing through solutions such as velvet, bouclé and chenille: for each of these it is possible to opt for neutral, lighter or darker colors, in order to find the perfect combination that it is also harmonious together with the top of the storage modules and the other furnishings in the living room.

How to find the best solution? Obviously visit our Molteni Flagship Store in Corso Europa 2, Milan, where you can touch with hands the quality of the Marteen sofa.



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