Even before testing it, a bed must already convey an idea of comfort and softness at first glance, almost inviting the viewer to lie down. This is precisely one of the first impressions that one has when observing Ribbon, a bed designed for Molteni by Vincent Van Duysen, which in addition to communicating its comfort in advance conquers the eye thanks to a fresh design in step with the times, the result of its textile padding and the mixture of a few simple elements.



What makes the Ribbon bed gentle and welcoming, from the headboard to the structure that draws its contours, is undoubtedly its padding, one of the main characteristics of the model designed by Van Duysen.

In particular, the headboard boasts a multilayer structure made up of variable density polyurethane foam padding, while the bed frame also has multiple layers and is padded with shaped polyurethane.

In both cases, the impression of softness plays with the obvious firmness of the padded structures, giving Ribbon an unique design, with a recognizable and familiar silhouette from the very first glance.



Proprio per questo motivo, a fare la differenza sono anche i dettagli tessili del prodotto, con il rivestimento in pelle o in tessuto che, valorizzato dalle finiture disponibili, diventa una perfetta cornice, elegante ed accogliente, all’interno della quale è incastonato il letto.

The essential structure of the Ribbons, consisting of headboard and bed frame, also has aesthetic functions, inviting the user's eye to walk over and over the profile of the bed.

Precisely for this reason, the textile details of the product also make the difference, with the leather or fabric upholstery which, enhanced by the available finishes, becomes a perfect, elegant and welcoming frame which is set inside the bed. .

Beyond the sense of familiarity conferred by the shape, Ribbon leaves a wide margin of customization: thanks to the countless finishes designed by Molteni, which include canvas, linen, bouclé, chenille, velvet and leather, it will be simple and fun to create the model that reflects your tastes perfectly.

In addition to being able to offer within a glance, always diverse, offered by the various available materials, colors and textures, which range from the most classic shades such as white, gray or the most original ones such as green or fascinating foliage pattern, allow you to find the ideal combination with the amount of light received from the environment and the colors of the other furnishings already present.



Vincent Van Duysen was born in 1962 in Lokeren, Belgium, the country where he subsequently graduated from the Sint-Lucas School of Architecture in Ghent, before gaining the experiences that marked his entry into the world of interior design, such as collaborations with the interior designer Jean de Meulder in Antwerp and with Aldo Cibic in Milan.

These are opportunities that allow Van Duysen to grow and learn, serving as a prelude to the foundation of his personal studio, named Vincent Van Duysen Architects, born in 1989 and today famous all over the world for the signature placed on numerous products of various international brands .

The studio is currently supported by the work of about 30 collaborators, who have allowed Vincent Van Duysen to develop commercial and large-scale architectural projects in Europe, the Middle East, the United States and Asia, with particular attention to the world of luxury homes.

Since 2016, the Belgian designer has also been creative director of the Molteni&C and Dada brands, for which he develops new products capable of changing the image of brands globally. For Van Duysen, interior design is closely linked to the architectural perspective, a legacy of his academic years that influences every piece of furniture or accessories design. As demonstrated also by Ribbon, the objects designed by VVD are often characterized by a marked essentiality and formal purity, which however does not detract from their concrete character.


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