19 MAY 2022


Molteni&C relied on Vincent Van Duysen to create Albert's design, which goes beyond the concept of a simple sofa: it is a seating system that focuses on flexibility, offering a disjointed structure where, however, every single element maintains the its character and its freedom, both in form and in terms of functionality.

Albert represents a dynamic and daring proposal for those who are not simply looking for a definitive solution, but love to redesign their domestic landscape both to satisfy different needs and to continuously experiment, under the headline of originality.



Whether you choose to buy Albert with fabric or leather upholstery, the available solutions for the modular sofa, it will be impossible not to notice the tailoring of the elements, visible in the double stitching that aims to enhance the shape of each structure.

In addition, the upholstery of the seating system is removable, although for some elements, such as in the case of the ottomans, the operation can only be performed by the qualified crew.



Albert's design was born from the mind of the Belgian architect and interior designer Vincent Van Duysen, who once again managed to combine technology and tradition thanks to a formal cleanliness obtained from the essential lines of the various elements that build up precise geometries, then enhanced from the craftsmanship and attention to detail that inevitably emerge, as a distinctive feature of Molteni.
Despite the extremely simple shapes, it is visually satisfying by the soft volumes of the seats and poufs, a sensation even more accentuated by the refined base of Albert, a frame with rounded profiles that almost seems to accompany the shapes towards the ground, with a floating effect that at the same time gives an idea of great lightness, offering the impression that the seat is kept off the ground.



Dynamism and flexibility are the two key points around which Albert was designed and built. The idea of the traditional sofa, to be placed at a point from which it will no longer be moved, leaves room for a structure that takes into consideration an evolved and more complex living landscape than in the past.

This is why all the elements that make up this innovative seating system appear conceived as parts capable of fulfilling a specific function and occupying specific spaces, while being free on their own.

It is above all thanks to this feature that the modular sofa allows you to always find new and flexible configurations according to the user's needs and tastes, renewing the originality of the domestic landscape from time to time.

Inside, Albert's elements show a frame made of solid fir wood and particle board, as well as elastic straps.

The large parts of the seating system are available in two different depths, 105 and 150 centimeters, and in various lengths, as well as boasting a special padding that allows you to vary the thickness of the ergonomic seat.

Finally, the presence of a back cushion, lined in cotton and composed of a panel of wood particles with molded polyurethane infill and polyester fiber, which is designed to help the shoulders find the right ergonomics of seating and is placed over the backrest, as if it were a quilted blanket aimed at giving a feeling of softness.




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