Design library Molteni 505 with a television.
16 NOVEMBER 2017

Molteni 505: Much more than a bookshelf

A contemporary Molteni bookshelf that brings elegance to every space




The Library and Multimedia system of Molten 505 fulfills a total revolution in the design library sector. Discover how Molteni adapted bookshelves for modern spaces, making this object a key element in every contemporary house.


Molteni 505 is a modular bookshelf that can be composed in infinite combinations.


Composed by shelves in wood and doors that can be selected either in wood or glass, the 505 system is perfect as both a library and as a container or as a furnishing object, but also as a study. Thanks to its removable shelves the space in the Molteni 505 seems to adapt itself to every personal demands and needs.

But aside the aesthetic innovation, which makes this product a refined solution for interior design, there’s also an innovative development that for the first time, thanks to Molteni, enters the world of interior decoration. Molteni 505 features a new type of reinforced base made of cross-linked PVC foam, a light yet structurally robust material that allows to create long shelves without the need of a support. The structure however includes the divisions, which has an aesthetic function, but also helps support the superior shelvings, to give the system order and structure.


Aside from technical innovation, Molteni 505 changes the concept of library, managing to adapt to the transformation that this word’s meaning has suffered through time.


From book container, the library has been added several roles and functions. For starters, this object is usually adapted nowadays to hold televisions or other electronic instruments, for music, video, etc. This aspect other than noticeably modifying the aspect of a traditional library, makes us understand the functions that these objects fulfill in our daily lives.


Almost as if saying that a television nowadays is like a book that talks to us, makes us discover new realities and keeps our curiosity going, these two objects are tightly linked to the Molteni system. A particular feature that helps us dimension how innovative it is, is the integration of a power outlet and a USB one to charge electronic devices, elements nowadays essential in our days.


But one of the aspects that make this furniture really modern is its multi-modularity, which makes it easy to adapt to spaces of any dimension. This aspect is fundamental for a world in which the design homes can range from extremely big and infinitely small. Thanks to its versatility, which goes from both dimensions and materials -primarily wood and glass-, Molteni 505 is presented as a modern solution for different areas of a home: living room, dining room, bedroom, studio. It is up to our imagination to decide where and how to place it in a determined space.


As Nicola Gallizia, the designer of the product, says: “The relative look reveals the shapes that the curious eye craves.” And it’s this way that the eye approaches the Molteni 505, with curiosity. A whole of endless shelvings, doors of different dimensions that open horizontally or vertically, drawers and spaces: our eyes slowly get lost in the Molteni 505.


The library 505 seems to be a complex, wide and homogeneous object, that can have several shelves, counters and secret spaces inside. Just because technology and security have improved through the years doesn’t mean we don’t get to have our personal and secret storage spaces at home.

The library 505 allows you to create compartments (up to 377 cm) that can be transformed into writing desks, closed or open compartments in case they contain furnishing objects to be shown.


The Molteni 505 system is one of the most complete library systems and adapts itself perfectly to contemporary homes and modern styles.

Design library Molteni 505 in a room with a small table and a white sofa in front
Design library Molteni 505 against a wall.
Details of the Design library Molteni 505: a phone charging directly from the library’s USB chargin
Design library Molteni 505 with a television in the first shelve
Design library Molteni 505 with a television in the first shelve
Design library Molteni 505 in a living room with three sofas
Design library Molteni 505 with glass doors in a dining room containing dish-ware.

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