round table Molteni Asterias wood living room design
23 AUGUST 2017

Asterias of Molteni, a sculptural table

Asterias, sinuous and innovative in the shapes, is the round table of Molteni designed by Patricia Urquiola in curved wood and with the use of 3D printing.



The collaboration between Patricia Urquiola and Molteni & C continues with Asterias that, before being the name of the table, is the name of a cactus plant originated in Mexico and Patricia Urquiola was inspired exactly by this plant.


This round table that produced by Molteni is yet another successful project of the Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola, in recent years she is considered as one of the most influential designers, and with Asterias she combined the warmth of wood with the most innovative production techniques in order to create a table with various dimensions.


The surface of Molteni Asterias table is actually available in two dimensions (160 and 180 cm), but it is the basis for the true plus design. The central base recalls the cactus from which it is named and is produced with six panels of curved wood, in the form of clove, all made with the 3D printing technique. 


Asterias of Molteni, available in graphite oak, gray oak, eucalyptus, glossy or matt finish and the innovative concrete troweled in color black and gray, it is the sum of many leading design elements.


In some versions, in essence the rounded cover plate is with edges that divided into segments that generate on its surface a nice use of geometries to complete, where in case, with the rotating plate that typically used in Asian countries.




Asterias Molteni round table wood Patricia Urquiola
round table Molteni Asterias wood living room design
round table Molteni Asterias wood living room design
tavolo rotondo Molteni Asterias  wood black suspension lamp

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