design walk-in closet Master Dressing Vincent van Duysen
04 AUGUST 2017

Best design walk-in closet is in Molteni

Master Dressing of Molteni furniture is the new walk-in closet system designed by Vincent van Duysen and presented in the brand news 2017 during the design week.



Master Dressing follows the wave of success generated by Gliss Master, the system of cabinets designed by the designer and creative director of Molteni Vincent van Duysen, and he does so to expand the possible configurations.


The consolidated experience in the design and manufacture of walk-in closets for Molteni furniture is underlined by the variety of proposed solutions, with an important focus on the quality of material in the catalog.


Master Dressing is the Molteni walk-in closet designed to complete the already wide range of proposals for the sleeping area and to integrate with Gliss Master, a nice encounter thanks to a common feature of great importance: in both cases they are two projects designed by Vincent van Duysen.


This integration between the two systems is guaranteed by the use of aesthetic finishes and coordinated technical components, all choices made in order to optimize the final result, the perfect amount of functionality and design.


The exclusivity of a walk-in closet is extreme when the quality of production is collaborated with one of the most prominent representatives of contemporary design as Vincent van Duysen and the impact that a design walk-in closet Molteni can have is not subject to the passage of time. 


Fashion will change and transform the content inside the Master Dressing but not the closet itself.



design walk-in closet Master Dressing Vincent van Duysen
design walk-in closet Master Dressing Vincent van Duysen detail drawer
design walk-in closet Molteni furniture Master Dressing design bedroom
design walk-in closet Molteni furniture design bedroom Vincent van Duysen

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