Pass-word Molteni White mobile wall modular
07 JULY 2017


A modular element as Pass-word of Molteni becomes even more flexible with the modifications introduced to the 2017 version.



Pass-word is the freely modular Molteni system, to be used as a container or to accommodate technological elements in each home and often without a precise location. Ideal for dining and living areas, Pass-word is a project by Dante Bonuccelli, an architect born in Buenos Aires and with the ability to bring the accuracy of architecture in design. Bonuccelli's attitude towards research and experimentation leads him towards a vision of the wide and innovative project, able to blend technology into daily life to get a timeless product.


Pass-word, produced by Molteni, is an example of avant-garde design, the containers can be hung or on the ground and the opening systems are different, depending on the intended use.


In case it is used for tv, dvd player, tablet and smartphone there would be no problem with the cables because Pass-word Molteni as bookshelves are designed to ensure order and elegance even where it is usually difficult to obtain.


A new option is added to the range of lacquered finishes, Pass-word is now also available in cedar, a scented and warm wood.
The possible compositions with the system designed by Dante Bonuccelli become more and more adaptable to every context.

Pass-word Molteni wooden living room grey sofa
Pass-word Molteni White mobile wall modular
Pass-word Molteni Grey minimalist living room furniture
Pass-word Molteni detail wooden opened door
Pass-word Molteni modern living room furniture modular

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