the best apps to be able to move easily in Milan during MDW
31 MARCH 2017

Events and Apps for Salone del Mobile

In order to deal with the multitude of events of Salone del Mobile, technology comes to the aid of all visitors with some apps ready to use which will be the right weapon to survive to the concrete jungle of Milan happenings.


To just have a detailed day by day list of the events that you don’t not want to miss might not be just not enough. What  you really need is to choose the right app to be able to move easily among the districts and have a complete calendar of events. Last but not least, get a super cool app for adjusting your photos, because to be there is important but to share photos on social network perhaps is even more important.


  • To easily move around town, the ‘virtual’ ways can be two: Uber App which allows you to rent a car provided with a driver. Simply click on a button and Atm App will suggests the shortest path by metro, bus or any other public means of transport; the perfect solution to avoid traffic.


  • Like every year, the Salone offers Interior Itineraries, a printed guide for checking out events in the city, but if you prefer digital, you just have to download the Fuorisalone App and everything will be much simpler.


  • We cannot forget to think about solving one of the most common dilemmas: what and where to eat. As it happens, the energy levels are likely to be very low at the end of the day, so here comes Deliveroo, ready to deliver any type of dinner at your door.


  • After all the effort made to choose the best spots at the Salone del Mobile, now it becomes almost mandatory to share your experiences collected in Milan and for this reason Afterlight is one of the most utilized apps by social media addicted who spend most time in retouching photographs.


Finally, do not forget to write a proper hashtag; ours is #sag80group!



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